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Installment Agreements

 If you cannot afford to pay your tax bill in full, the IRS will allow you to repay your tax liability with a monthly payment plan. The amount of the payments and duration of the plan depend on many factors, including the amount of tax liability owed, how old the tax liability is and how much you can afford to pay towards the plan while being able to meet your other living expenses.

If the IRS has begun collection efforts or is levying your wages, those efforts will be suspended while we are negotiating a payment plan and will remain suspended as long you follow the terms of the installment agreement.

We can help you explore your repayment options and ensure that you follow the procedures to the letter so that you can avoid further collection efforts. Depending on the amount of the tax liability and the type of installment agreement that is entered, you may be able to avoid the filing of a federal tax lien when you enter into an installment agreement.

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