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Tax Audit & Reconsideration

We regularly represent both individuals and businesses in all phases of the IRS audit process. Don’t risk talking on the IRS yourself

If you have received a notice from the IRS questioning or disallowing certain deductions, do not ignore it, don’t panic, talk to the auditor only enough to inform him/her that you’ve hired a tax lawyer.

If you’ve received a letter stating that your tax return has been selected for an examination, be aware that without the appropriate response, the IRS will change your returns and assess a new liability along with additional penalties and interest. And it’s not just a little, in some situations, the penalty could be as high as 75% of your tax liability. When it comes to the IRS, you’re guilty until you prove your innocence.

The interest and penalty charges start on the date your tax is due. Ignoring the notice will also waive your future rights. And if things have progressed to the point that you find yourself in a legal battle, we can help. 

Contact an attorney at RLU&W Law for a consultation and peace of mind. 

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