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IRS Passport Revocation or Denial

Beginning in August 2019 the IRS started systematically revoking passports through the United States State Department for individuals that owe more than $52,000 in tax debt, penalties, and interest to the Internal Revenue Service. Individuals whom the IRS has previously filed a Federal Tax Lien against are at a heightened risk for passport action. The IRS process involves the State Department denying passport applications/renewals or revoking existing passports if the IRS shows a legally enforceable federal tax debt. 
If you have tax debt above $52,000 and are concerned about your passport status, we can help. Even if you have already lost your passport, we can get it reinstated in days to weeks. We can also work out agreements for individuals who need passports for imminent travel. 

The tax attorneys at RLU&W Law are highly experienced in fighting the IRS in complex personal or business tax debt cases to achieve successful tax resolution outcomes for our clients. 

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