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IRS Criminal Investigations

If you choose to not file a tax return and wait for the IRS to find you, the cost of additional penalties & interest grows exponentially. And if the IRS seeks you out before you have filed past-due returns, or if you lie to the IRS or hide assets, the likelihood of criminal prosecution escalates. 

If you have unfiled returns, you rise to the top of the list of people the IRS wants to target to collect revenue. Intentionally not filing, or filing a false return, is a federal crime, which can result in stiff penalties including prison time and $250,000 in fines along with the prosecution costs. Over the past three years, more than half of the cases that the IRS investigated for failure to file taxes resulted in prosecution. Out of those prosecuted.

Tax fraud investigations, tax preparer investigations, criminal tax investigations, and indictments are very serious matters that require the immediate need for an attorney. 

Contact an attorney at RLU&W for a phone consultation to discuss your legal options. 

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