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License Defense

The exact licenses and permits required for your business depend upon its location and the industry in which it operates. On top of the Federal Government and the 50 states, there are over 150,000 local jurisdictions, such as cities, townships, municipalities, and other types of local government who may each have their own license and permit requirements. Often it is easy to run afoul the many regulations governing your business. Unresolved licensing issues an lead to negative repercussions such as Official reprimands, Fines & Fees, Practice Restrictions, Required remedial education, Probation, and License suspension & revocation.

Licensing issues are common, and you shouldn’t let them discourage you from growing your business. Most people who come to us for help can achieve the outcome they deserve and keep progressing in their careers. We will carefully assess the specifics of your situation and pursue all avenues for resolving this matter.

We handle cases pertaining to Administrative complaints, Notices of intent to deny, Notices of investigation, Emergency suspension orders, Preliminary audit letters, Compliance violations, and Allegations of negligence, misconduct, fraud, etc.

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