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Prevent Levy and Seizure by the IRS

The prevention of levy and seizure action by the IRS to secure unpaid taxes is vital to taxpayers who have IRS tax liability. Having your bank account or wages levied or property such as real property, vehicles, or investment accounts seized, can have extreme effects on a taxpayer’s ability to meet their household and/or business financial obligations.

One of the key ways to ensure the prevention of IRS levy and seizure action is to understand the litany of notices the IRS sends taxpayers prior to the initiation of the collection process. Each of the notices sent to a taxpayer before the collection process has begun will contain language suggesting that the taxpayer must pay the debt in full by a certain date or the IRS will issue levies or take seizure action. This, however, is not the case, and understanding the impact of each notice can buy you considerable time in establishing your case.

No matter how much time you can buy through putting the IRS through the process of following proper legal procedures a resolution of the debt will have to be established. However, there’s no need to worry, the IRS offers a vast range of different resolution options to address debts.

If you have begun receiving notices from the IRS threatening levy or seizure action, please contact the tax attorneys at RLU&W Law. We are experienced at handling asset seizures and levies issued by the IRS.

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