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Unfiled Tax Returns

The U.S. tax code is a massive body of complex laws and regulations intended to shape economic and social policy. The average American is overwhelmed by this complexity, especially self-employed individuals. Our professionals understand this complexity and understand how to accurately prepare tax returns, ensuring that the letter of the law is being carried out while also looking ahead for future tax savings. One of the first steps in resolving tax issues is ensuring filing compliance. This helps to prevent collection action, a substitute for return filing by the IRS and sets the stage to begin resolving the liability. We will file any unfiled tax returns required to be filed, whether they are from ten years ago or last year

If you or you’re an individual, a family, or a business that has unfiled returns, whether income tax or payroll 941 returns, we can assist you in getting those returns filed. We can help you determine what years to file, whether amended returns are needed, and assist you in finding a qualified accountant to get you on track.

Please contact an attorney at RLU&W Law to discuss any unfiled Tax Returns. 

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