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Income Tax Preparation 

The best initial defense to a potential IRS tax liability is the preparation of a return that maximizes the adjustments, credits, and deductions that are available to the taxpayer. The income tax return, in addition to reporting your income, also allows you to report a litany of adjustments to income, credits, and deductions that can reduce your tax liability.

There are a few adjustments against income that the IRS allows taxpayers to claim adjustments against income, credits, and deductions. Maximizing these options will reduce your Adjusted Gross Income and subsequently your taxable income and total tax.

Self-Employed individuals can mitigate the amount of their business income that is subject to both income taxes and self-employment. Individuals deriving rental income can reduce the amount of their rental income subject to income taxes by maximizing the expenses claimed against their rental income. The capital gain on the sale of assets such as stocks or real property can be minimized based on maximizing the cost basis claimed against the sale of those assets.

If you are being aggressively pursued by the IRS for failing to file your income tax returns, the attorneys at RLU&W Law can help. We work with Americans in every State.

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